PCA 2022: CigarMedics

When I was at the PCA show my first order of business was to catch up with the folks at Cigarmedics! We’ve had a great partnership over the years, and I’m happy to finally meet these guys. I sat down with Luigi for a few minutes and we talked about their new cutter, The Baller, that I’ve been so enamored with.


If you aren't familiar with the Cigarmedics Humidimeter. it's a great little devise. In a nutshell it measures the moisture content of your cigar. and translates the reading to an RH number that we can all relate to. If I told you the moisture content of your cigar was 12, that wouldn't mean anything to you, but 65% is relatable. While certainly not a necessary tool, I've found that it's saved me from having a bad cigar experience a few times. More information can be found at my site, https://www.cigarcraig.com/

Until the next time,