A ‘Blind’ Review of the Blood Red Moon Figurado

Blood Red Moon Figurado 1Along with the cigars Jeff (Cigar Weekly’s jefslat) has sent me from the IPCPR batch, there is one that has no band. And I have no idea what it might be. So here goes.

This cigar has a delicious, dark pre-light aroma that makes my mouth water. The deep brown wrapper is leathery, and has only a few small veins. The cigar feels firm but not hard, and the draw is perfect.

After trimming the ends, the first draw is filled with a voluptuous dark chocolate flavor that reminds me of an 80% bar from Germany I tried a few years ago. There is no bite, but a rather chewy taste that lingers for quite a while. To say the flavor has a long finish would be an understatement. But it's not unpleasant at all - quite the opposite. It's sort of like taking a piece of that dark German chocolate and letting it sit on your tongue until it dissolves - pure heaven!

It doesn't take long for the flavor to intensify, while still full of that delicious dark chocolate and heavy leather notes. About halfway through, the cigar develops a slightly more complex flavor that settles in with notes of leather, wood and heavy stout.

There is little smoke until I draw on the cigar. Then, the smoke that's exhaled is as rich and full as one would expect. The ash is flaky and doesn't hold well. But that's the worst part about this one. It's truly good. And although it only provides about a 20 minute experience, it's worth it.

There is a slight nicotine kick, though it’s hardly worth mentioning because it fades quickly. I also sense just a little spice in my nose - enough for me to appreciate the thought that went into this little gem.

About 2/3 of the way in, the flavor is mellowing a little - just enough intensity to keep my attention without the cigar seeming overpowering. Those tobacco and leather flavors are still quite present. Meanwhile, the chocolate taste has dissipated, leaving the meaty leather and tobacco flavors that have me wanting more.

At the close, there is a stronger nicotine hit - one that I leads me to recommend having a full stomach so you don't get kicked in the teeth.

Blood Red Moon Figurado 2

Nubbed? Oh yes. With no buildup of tar at the head, you will get your money's worth taking this one down until you burn your fingers. It's that good.

Pair this with a dark roast or other full-bodied drink of your choice, and you will have a great combination!


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