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Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

Size: 6.5 inches x 53 ring gauge (Figurado)

When you're walking the dog or doing yard work, you smoke cheap cigars – the bargain bundle kind – and swig a cold beer. 

But when you want to unwind after a grueling week of work or celebrate a special occasion, you treat yourself to something better. That is, you choose a really special cigar, and pair it with your very favorite adult beverage. The Tempus Magistri is clearly one of the cigars you might choose.

The Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri is Figurado in shape. It's long, chubby and tapered at both ends like a cartoon cigar. The wrapper is a dark sepia color with few veins and only a slight blemish or two, and the pre-light fragrance is hay-like. My sample squeezes nicely. A modest clip allows an easy draw and plentiful smoke. The 59-minute burn is mostly even, but goes a little wonky toward the finish, while the ash is dark-gray and finely-segmented. I’ll call it a 4 out of 5 on construction.

The Tempus line is made from Honduran and Nicaraguan filler and binder with a Honduran Habano wrapper. This is a full-bodied cigar with a rich, powerful flavor profile that includes sweet fruit, pepper, leather and an alum-like tartness. It is a bold cigar that pairs nicely with a whiskey or rum poured neat. Anything less would be a disservice to you and the cigar.  

I mark it 5 out of 5 on flavor, and give it a total score of 9. And though I don't usually go for cigars in this price range ($12), this stick is definitely a treat worth experiencing.

CandidCigar (a.k.a. Brice Sikes)