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Mason-Dixon 'North' by Crowned Heads

Mason-Dixon North by Crowned Heads 1Wrapper - Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder - Nicaragua
Filler - Nicaragua

Note: The cigar spent a month resting in my humidor prior to being lit for this review. (It is the one on the right in the image, the other cigar being the 'South', which I reviewed last week on the Cigar Weekly Home Page.)

The 'North' looked visibly more polished than its sister cigar, and the body of the stogie seemed to be firmer to the touch. The smooth wrapper smelled of cinnamon and potpourri. No – seriously! The cap cut with ease, and we were off.

The first puffs started off with notes of rich chocolate and leather. Already proving to be medium to full-bodied, this stick was definitely more my style! The initial richness reminded me a lot of the Oliva 'V' series cigars (closer to the 2009 blend than today's current). There were hints of cherry coming through, and the 'chewiness' of the stick was truly enjoyable. For those of you who were fans of the Las Calaveras, you would most certainly like this one too.

The end of the first third exhibited some black pepper and a 'toasty' flavor. This was definitely adding up to be an excellent after-dinner smoke. The ash was white in color and it was tightly packed, holding close to two inches before falling. Unlike the 'South', the flavor transitions were much more seamless.

Mason-Dixon North by Crowned Heads 2At the beginning of the middle third, the toastiness continued on while adding in a nice leather and cedar mélange. These notes all came together for an incredible flavor balance. Up to this point, the burn-line had remained perfect – truly incredible construction.

At the mid-point of the stick, I started to pick up a BBQ-like flavor. The richness persisted, and taste sensations came and went without the flavor profile ever seeming hectic. This trend continued on for another inch or so, when the second ash fell.

The final third brought more of that bread-like characteristic I had found in the 'South'. However, it was now coupled with the toast-like flavor. The cigar seemed to have mellowed out a bit in body (which I find can be perfect in ending a smoke).

The last portion of the cigar brought back the cherry sweetness that I had detected earlier. This was just before I had to put the cigar out. I smoked it down about as far as I could go!

This smoke was an absolute gem – fantastic construction, complex and excellent flavors that transitioned seamlessly, and wonderfully medium to full in body. My final verdict: 9/10.

This stogie is definitely box worthy, and I would highly recommend you give it a smoke!

Pre-light: 9.5
Light: 8.5
Draw: 8.5
Construction: 9
Flavor: 10
Power: 9

Steven is a people-person who enjoys visiting lounges across the country, and getting to know the people who make the cigar industry what it is today. From his visits to former speak-easy's under the North End streets of Boston to the smoke-shops in the suburbs of Atlanta, there is a cultural history, and he wants to be there to hear it. Steven is a regular on 'Cigar Life Radio', voicing his stogie reviews as well as his take on the latest in the industry. He also enjoys Scotch, Bourbon, wine and craft brews.