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Romeo y Julieta Montague

Romeo y Julieta Montague 1Juliet asks, “Romeo, O Romeo... Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

Romeo then pops up out of the bushes and says (imagining the reply in my best Andy Griffith voice), “Why, I'm rat 'chere!”

I couldn't help but think of that classic bit as I prepared to smoke this cigar. But enough of the highbrow culture. On to the review!

Nut & bolts

Size: 6x52 Toro
Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Dark Natural Brazilian
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan & Brazilian

Before I begin, I'll mention that this cigar is the result of a collaboration between Romeo y Julieta and Famous Smoke Shop, created as their ‘house blend’. A big THANK YOU goes out to Famous Smoke Shop for making the RyJ available for this review.

Romeo y Julieta Montague 2

The presentation of this cigar is very nice. There are traditional red bands with silver lettering at both the top and the foot, as well as an added white translucent wrapper with silver etching running from band to band. The foot band and white wrapper remove rather easily, revealing a dark cocoa colored wrapper. It's a bit rustic in appearance, with two prominent veins running the length of the cigar. The wrapper itself has a bit of tooth, and the cap appears to be cleanly applied. Giving the stick the ‘once over’, I find it to be firm with no soft spots and a nice heft to it, giving every indication of a good fill.

Romeo y Julieta Montague 3I apply a v-cut to the cap and take a pre-light draw. I’m maybe getting just a hint of cocoa, but mainly a straightforward tobacco flavor.

Lighting the foot, I am greeted with a mild woodsy, cedar taste. The smoke production is decent, with a mild aroma. The draw is perfect, with just the right amount of resistance.

It quickly becomes apparent to me that the construction of this cigar is very good, as the draw remains constant and the burn line is even and razor sharp. The ash is medium grey and firm, holding on easily for an inch and a half.

The strength of this cigar remains at a light-to-medium level for the first third, and picks up just a bit as I head to the halfway mark, while the body stays just south of medium.

As for the flavor... Well, I’m not really getting a whole lot as I make my way toward the final third of the Montague. The cigar seems very light in the flavor department. Bear in mind that I smoke a lot of cigars, so it's possible I'm missing something subtle. Tasting something perhaps a bit metalic in the smoke.

The strength and flavor both pick up a little in the final third, as the flavor does introduce a little more of a cedar note to the palate. But that slight metalic taste still remains. The burn and draw remain stellar to the end.

Romeo y Julieta Montague 4

Again, I do smoke quite a few cigars, typically bolder than this offering. In trying to be fair in appraising this cigar, I can see that this would be a good smoke for someone just entering the world of premium cigars. The construction is top notch and consistent, while the strength, body and flavor profile are definitely on the mild side – nothing wrong with that! It just so happens that this flavor profile is not one that I care for.

Another mark on the ‘plus’ side for this cigar is the price point. The Montague can be found for less than $6 a stick.

How I'd score it

Pre-light: 7
Light: 8
Draw: 9
Construction: 9
Flavor: 2
Power: 2
Average: About a 6.1

Yep, that's about right.  A great cigar for a new smoker, and a good value to boot!

Find this cigar online at Famous Smoke shop!