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Screwpop® Tool to offer redesigned of cigar cutter "Chopo™"

Chopo 3 editedThe latest in compact and highly functional tools, Screwpop® introduces - Chopo™ Cigar Cutter, a reengineered force in cigar cutting technology.

Chopo™ is the successor of the original Screwpop® Cigar Cutter with a few major improvements. First, the Eyelet has been generously enlarged that puts the pivot motion closer to the cutting circle. Second, two ultra-thin washers have been added (one each side) to further minimize blade separation and to additionally prevent less wear on the Eyelet mechanism.

A few other key improvements are in the materials and methods of fabrication.

Chopo™ is made from high quality ultra flat 420 J2 (Japanese) stainless steel. Additionally, CNC manufacturing aids in helping with a few finishing touches that ensures the cutter fully closes and is virtually perfectly flat, in light of the 90 degree bends that dub as both finger and thumb grips.

Like it's predessesor, Chopo™ includes a well-placed bottle opener for those who enjoy pairing a fine cigar with micro-brews.

Chopo™ is available for pre-order on Screwpop's website: It will also be available on, soon to follow.

Blades — 420 J2 sharpened stainless steel
Eyelet — Yellow Brass
Weight — 2oz
Size — 1/8 inch x 1.5 inch x 3 inch
Price — $24.95
Release Date — June 15, 2018
Intellectual Property Status — patented USPTO (design patent)

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